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As high school students in the SEO Scholars Program spend a week at Vassar College intensely engaging the American civil rights movement, they post short critical reading and writing exercises to this site—it is a repository for their ideas, a chance for them to comment on each other’s work, and a way to share and continue that work with teachers and peers at home. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

comparison assignment

Question: What Jim Crow lessons does Essie Mae (Anne Moody) learn? Are the lessons different than those James learns in "The Sky is Gray" or the young Richard Wright learns in "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow"? Put another way, are the lessons different for girls?

Response: I think that young Richard Wright learns differently than Essie Mae because he is a male and she is a female. Richard experienced first hand as he worked many jobs what Jim Crow laws were. Also, I think every job he worked at, he learned a little more about it and smartened up. Wright explains that his leesons came when he "...was quite small..." (225). Wright thought he "...was learning fast, but not quit fast enough..." (231).


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