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As high school students in the SEO Scholars Program spend a week at Vassar College intensely engaging the American civil rights movement, they post short critical reading and writing exercises to this site—it is a repository for their ideas, a chance for them to comment on each other’s work, and a way to share and continue that work with teachers and peers at home. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Final Words of the Vassar Trip

1. How has your understanding of the modern Civil Rights Movement evolved?

I know understand how the Civil Rights Movement came in different forms and in different ways. The only way you can consider this one full movement is the knowledge that all these different organizations (NAACP, MIA, etc.) had one goal in mind, better the conditions of colored living. Without that connections, it can just be considered many movements of the same cause that coincidentally happened at the same time. Without that final connection, the conditions wouldn't have approved and the underlined connection of colored people that still exsists today couldn't have been developed and expanded.

What has changed about your perspective?

I didn't let it change my perspective much because I didn't get both sides of the story. This may seem milicious but I don't want to make up my mind until I read something in favor of segregation from the white person's perspective to try to understand them. I know theyw ere wrong, but how wrong they are is determined by what they believed they were doing

2. How has your writing about the movement evolved over the course of the week?

It became more trying to understand the views of the people who influenced them rather than the beginning of the week where it was mainly about what the main characters did.

What conclusions have you come to?

The books behind the Civil Rights Movement never truley try to understand the views of other people, but instead concentrate on anaylizing their reactions.

What issues, quotes, themes or events remain unresolved for you?

If people within our group was white and hating blacks was the 'norm', then would they join in on the discrimination or would they rebell against everyone they know to resist?

What connections have you made?

For every person, the Civil Rights Movement began and ended at different times. For some the movement ended with intergration. For others, it isn't over yet.


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