SEO Scholars at Vassar

As high school students in the SEO Scholars Program spend a week at Vassar College intensely engaging the American civil rights movement, they post short critical reading and writing exercises to this site—it is a repository for their ideas, a chance for them to comment on each other’s work, and a way to share and continue that work with teachers and peers at home. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

my final thoughts

I could never imagine how much you can learn within a span of 5 days! When I first learned that we were taking a civil rights class, I wasn't excited and I was skeptical because I don't find History interesting anymore. But, I was wrong. The way I view things is different after this class because I have been exposed to many opinions over the last 5 days. Now, it is easier for me to sit down and look at different sides of the grass. Also, my knowledge of literature has expanded because we have touched on so many books and stories such as "The Sky is Gray", "Coming of Age Mississippi", "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow" and much more. The two movies I enjoyed the most were "The Murder of Emmett Till" and "Boycott" because both are so captivating. My writing about the movement has evolved because I have so much more ideas and opinions on it. Also, I can be more detailed in my writing. I'm elated that I have experienced this on the brink on senior year and I appreciate everyone that has helped me this week.


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