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As high school students in the SEO Scholars Program spend a week at Vassar College intensely engaging the American civil rights movement, they post short critical reading and writing exercises to this site—it is a repository for their ideas, a chance for them to comment on each other’s work, and a way to share and continue that work with teachers and peers at home. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In the book The Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader, I found that there were several scenarios that were very interesting. In the book there quotes "Segregation in public education is now not only unlawful; it is un-American" (82). I found this to be very interesting because it makes me feel like it's superior to me. I remember in my pass where if this phrase was to come up, I would have felt like I wasn't even suppose to born or I wasn't even suppose to be there at the time. This line in the text was heart breaking in the way that it made America seem inferior in my views now.


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